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Patient safety is always my first priority, but part of my mission is to make the anesthesia process as smooth as possible for you and your office. 

Please contact me anytime for free consultation or medical emergencies training for your office staff.

There are many advantages with using my services in the dental or oral surgery office:


1. With my mobile anesthesia equipment, I can bring the safety of hospital anesthesia to the convenience of your own office. 

2. I can eliminate the inconvenience, hassles, and costs associated with bringing your cases to a surgery center of hospital that may not be familiar with your needs.

3. Unlike most other anesthetists, I can provide superior airway protection during oral procedures with GENERAL ENDOTRACHEAL TUBE ANESTHESIA.

4. With the airway secured and protected, I can provide a superior operative field. The dentist can thus operate without interruption, distraction or anxiety about the patient's safety. Of course, general anesthesia is not always required nor desired. For those cases, I can also provide safe IV sedation.

5. There is NO COST to your office for my services. I provide all equipment, drugs and supplies. I also bring all emergency equipment, incl. defibrillator, ACLS/PALS drugs, and even dantrolene.

6. Paperwork hassles are minimal for your office staff. I  provide all paperwork for patients, and will personally handle their questions and medical clearance if needed. All patients are encouraged to to contact me via email or my personal cell phone at anytime if they have questions. 

7. As a hospital anesthesiologist with extensive pediatric experience, I have taken care of infants and patients as old as 90! I am very comfortable taking care of patients with congenital syndromes, obesity, special medications, psychiatric or developmental issues, or cardiac/pulmonary issues. 

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