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To Teach is to Always Learn...

Hi, my name is Steve Yun, and I am a board-certified physician anesthesiologist who specializes in dental anesthesia.

The majority of my professional time is spent in the dental office, where I personally provide dental anesthesia for young children, teens, and older adults. However, I also have a very busy schedule as a teacher and lecturer at various dental conferences and smaller dental groups. I really enjoy speaking about patient safety and dental anesthesia safety. Indeed, it is my passion and so I am very grateful to be able to share my insights with my colleagues.

Some recent examples include speaking at the California Dental Society of Anesthesiology Annual Meeting with Drs. Mitchell Gardiner and Jason Brady. In February, I also went back to my alma mater, the USC School of Medicine at the LA County Medical Center to speak to the oral surgery department with Dr. Roberta Ashley.

I am especially proud to have also hosted my own Continuing Education event, "When Minutes Matter: Medical Emergencies in Dental Offices," with my colleagues Drs. George Istaphanous and Janice Chen this past February. The event was a great success, with a sold-out audience that provided us with wonderful feedback. As Dr. Gary Chan, President of the California Dental Society of Anesthesiology remarked, "From the venue, quality of breakfast, and speakers, organization, and schedule—all top quality!"

One of the reasons I enjoy teaching and speaking is that it is a powerful way for me to learn as well. I always pick up new insights and reinforce fundamental concepts when I am formulating a lecture. Thus, to teach is to also learn and as a physician/scientist/clinician, my goal is to always keep learning and expanding my knowledge.

Towards that goal, I also took time off recently to spend the day at the Stanford University Medical Center Center for Simulation. There I was able to test my clinical and decision-making skills during various simulated emergencies. I feel especially fortunate that my simulation sessions were supervised by Dr. David Gaba, one of the leading pioneers in medical simulation education. It was a great learning experience, and provided me with even more inspiration to continue to teach and learn.

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